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every now and then the world gives us a gentle (or not so gentle) reminder of our own mortality. i got one this morning when the car turning right immediately in front of me got smashed into by an impatient driver accelerating to get through an orange light. thankfully, there were no major injuries but everyone in the area walked away completely shaken to the bone. it shouldn’t take something so brutal and shocking to make us appreciate our beautiful lives, but it’s so easy to forget and take things for granted.

on a small scale, my message is to PLEASE drive carefully, attentively and without any ego especially in heavy rain like today. on a larger scale, don’t sit around waiting for life to shock you into appreciating what you have. make the most of every moment you have on this earth and remember how easy that can be taken away from you next time you are contemplating taking a risk. the shortcut may save you time, money, effort etc now, but is it really worth what it could end up costing you in the long run? ♥