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exactly 6 months ago, i was halfway through the biggest adventure of my life – a 60-hour non-stop 222km ultra marathon in the foothills of the himalayan mountains between the two highest roads in the world. i would love to pretend that i competed in the race, but anyone who knows me knows i’m highly allergic to physical exercise. i’m also one of the least outdoorsy people going around, so it’s fairly difficult to visualise me in the middle of nowhere hanging off the side of a mountain with absolutely no communication with the outside world, no toilet or shower facilities, traipsing along in dirty mountain trekking gear, make-up free, sleep-deprived and munching on a vac-packed far-from-gourmet freeze-dried dinner of spaghetti bolognaise. but i’m proud to say, that is exactly what i was doing this time 6 months ago. i was invited by my incredibly talented and inspiring friend, samantha gash, who needed a support crew to help her complete the race (which she did, of course, being the champion ultra-marathon runner that she is – i love having friends that never cease to amaze me). i hesitated to commit at first since the event matched the description of everything that is the opposite of me, but then i figured that there is no better reason to say yes to something. every now and then in life you need to do something that scares the life out of you and make yourself proud when you survive the experience. it was the most crazy, exciting, eye-opening, frightening, intense and wonderful thing i have ever done. i will probably never do anything like it again, but i’m proud to be able to say i’ve done it. not every thing you do needs to be that crazy or scary, but i think everyone needs to leave the comfort zone every now and then. try it some time, you might like it :)