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i like this because it reminds me that while goal-setting is important, it isn’t everything. seeing happiness or fitness or financial stability or any personal goal as a destination is the first step to achieving it, but sometimes focusing on how far away you are from that destination can detract from how far you’ve already come towards it. especially if you’re a bit of a perfectionist like myself, it’s easy to become so single-mindedly focused on getting somewhere that you don’t take the time to enjoy the journey and appreciate each small step closer to your goal as an achievement in itself. happiness is the sum of different moments, people, experiences, memories and not just an end state that suddenly hits you one day. if you look too hard for it, you may never find it simply because you misunderstand it.

(p.s. for all my fellow sufferers of wanderlust, i chose this for today in particular – day one of a ten day thailand trip – because i also read it as ‘happiness is a way of travel AND a destination’. travel is my weakness and this trip is a little reward/recovery escape for the better half and i after the trials and tribulations of the dreaded ‘off year’.┬ápart of enjoying the journey is being a little bit irresponsible or spontaneous or indulgent every now and then to reward yourself for things you’re proud of. splash out and down a heap of junk food after a week of healthy eating, go on a shopping spree after a month of being fiscally responsible, spend a weekend doing absolutely nothing but lying on the couch after a week of hard work… you deserve it.)